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I am Melanie Brown owner of Curls Gone Wild Salon. For the past 15 years I have had the honor to pass my knowledge to dozen of curly clients and stylists in training.

Everyone always asks how does a straight hair chick specializes in curly hair. Well I always had an adoration for curly hair and curly hair women were always beautiful in my eyes. I always wanted curly hair and after countless failed perms on myself, I gave birth to my beautiful Curly daughter Anamaria. Shortly after that I graduated from Beauty school. That's when the journey started. I loved her hair and there was no way I would straighten it. But I realized what I was taught about hair in beauty school just was not working for her hair. Every time I would try a cut on her, I had learned in one of my advanced classes (which by the way are all performed on wet hair) her curls always dried and shrunk into a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back lol. I realized this was due to her curls being much tighter in the front then in the back. So common sense told me just to cut it dry. And after discovering the Curly Girl Book by Lorraine Massey, in which dry cutting on curly hair is recommended, I never returned to wet cuts again.


Anamaria's curls at 5y.o and now. Her curls use to not want to define and just 'puffed up'. I used to think that was just how her curls are. After years of studying it, I came to understand that curls can be trained and cultivated. I noticed that most of the issues, I.e frizz, excessive tangling, puffiness and so on was due to how I treated it.

Now her curls define very easily and are very low maintenance. This didn't happen over night. Her curls are a result of being treated, trained and cultivated properly over years.

Had we've been brushing or even straightening her curls there would be no way they would look like this.

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience and to show that curly hair is beautiful and most importantly EASY! I encourage you to stop looking for the next miracle product. I encourage you to stop focusing on differences between curls and rather look for its similarities. My daughters hair took years to figure out. But we were determined. I loved her curls but dreaded the upkeep. I lost count on how much time and money we spent. The worst was experiencing her tears every time we detangled her curls. We would spent hours on detangling only turn around couple hours later and find it tangled again. As a mother I knew this cant be right.

Today we have a very easy system to maintain her curls. A once a week wash routine and a daily 10-15min refresh routine.

If you would like to find out how to take care of your curls or are a mother of a curly girl/boy book your educational session today. *

*If your child is under 10 years old please email Melanie directly at meldbrowncgw@gmail.com



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